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Where Friends Send Friends

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Unsurpassed manual transmission work

Manual transmissions are complex and require experienced service and repairs. Your vehicle will benefit from the thousands of manual transmissions we've worked on over the years.

 •  FREE electronic diagnosis and road tests

 •  Manual transmission repairs, replacements, rebuilds

 •  Clutch and gear repairs

 •  Transmission fluid flushes

 •  ASE certified mechanics

 •  50 years of local experience

 •  Emission testing

Complete manual transmission work

Jerry's Transmission Service is the place where hospitality and technology meet. You'll get superior transmission work from a friendly team that care about their customers.


Jerry's is the transmission shop where friends send their friends. You'll be treated like the neighbor you are, which means honest service, fair prices, and FREE loaner cars.  

Your satisfaction is our top priority

Get your transmission fixed now


Manual transmission troubles? The specialists at Jerry's Transmission Service can help!


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